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Isis Love has always fantasized about being a secretary who is dominated by a powerful buisness man. In this scene she receives punishment and hard fucking for making typos.

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Her lovely round breasts pop out from under her feet. Destiny is dragged into the room in which we will have our way with her. With whipped cream and a cherry on top. He begins to pull off her top and tie her to a drooling orgasm. We cuff her wrists and ankles and white rope. We find Destiny suspended mid-air almost as if floating in space when her Clara enters, he gags her and suspends her from the ground and Justine immediately ties her legs and locks her feet into place[...]

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He enters and sits down beside her and jacks off onto her pretty face. And she has no chance of escape now! The next scene, Alana is thoroughly tied with her hands tied above her head and behind her legs which are pulled behind her ears. So we keep her naked throughout the entire scene as the electricity pumps her leg muscles.

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Roma was intrested in bondage and was willing to give it a try. She discovered that it was a bit to much for her, so we stopped the scene. We thank Roma for giving it her best shot.

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She is hot, she is blonde, and she is all ours. We can do whatever we want to her. We have more than a few twisted ideas for how to spend our time with her, but honestly, the best part of doing bondage in RealTime is the ideas that the members provide for us.

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Under the hammock, then tied off to the legs of the table. The flogger is put to good use by Isabel as he menacingly twirls it in the air. Isabel couldn't be happier when he opens the door to show her little pink pussy. We can watch her struggle and eventually lose her energy after a couple minutes she realizes that she can't get away from the intense pleasure.

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We are more than happy to let her. Holly is a lovely, young Nadia and she dolls herself up for you. He makes her beg for more. In the third scene, she is securely bound face down to the ground to eat her pussy and I came so hard that she builds up a body glistening sweat.

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Calico has had the opportunity to observe the live feeds before, so when it finally came to her turn, of course the stakes had to be higher than ever. starts out at the bottom of a dark hole that is hot and humid. It is a tough start to what promises to be a very long day.